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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Beginning

It's funny to me that you can get so excited about something and always with good intentions plan on doing things that NEVER get done. So for me this is how my beginning begins. If your like me you think of yourself as Crafty and get yourself into everything and before you know it you have dabbled into every craft and Jo-Ann and Michael are no longer just names but have become your alter of worship on Sunday when the new sales begin.
So I have CHALLENGED myself to use all of my Craft stuff and make time for it so it doesn't sit around and collect dust. So that being said my first challenge is to use all the yarn I have accumulated.

As of today I have made 4 bags 
 2 Blankets

and a mocksweater and only more to follow....

My second and biggest challenge thus far has been to rejoin the world of Stampin Up!
I was a demonstrator before and for me it was more a hobby than a business. So this time around I am doing things a little different and we shall see how my journey unfolds.
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