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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Newfound LOVE has me forgetting My Beloved

I am Normally a sane person, But yesterday I found myself pacing back and forth from the front door and my computer. My Stampin Up! order was due to arrive and of course my delivery was at the end of the day.
 I finally heard the glorious sound of the door sliding on that brown machine of dreams and woke up from my fog and told,
Master "D" "Go! Hurry! Go get my boxes!" 
Master "D" being the almost 14 year old that he is at a snail pace walked outside stopped halfway there,
turns around and says"Mom there are delivering stuff next door"
I could hear myself screaming Noooooo.
My order is supposed to be on that truck. 
So as soon as those words left my mouth that beautiful angel adorned in brown came around the corner with 2 SU! boxes and all hope in mankind had been restored.
Master "D" accepted the trade off and I was so gitty I could barely contain myself.
So Master "D" placed my boxes down and waited to see what all the theatrics was about.
I began to check my inventory and honest I am not sure who was more excited,

My 2 year old with all the boxes or Me when
I pulled my "BIG SHOT" out 

I am in Love, now I have to admit I do still really Love My Cricut and was on the fence for quite some time about the Big Shot,but signing up for SU! again just pushed me right over and 
I had to finally check it out myself.
 First off the texture plates are AMAZING and are fairly inexpensive and I was so happy that I had the checklist on pg. 212 of the SU! IBC so that I purchased what I needed to get started.
I quickly grabbed my basket of scraps and began on my journey of creativity
and I now find myself truly in Love with this Machine.
Seriously it even had my 2 year old saying "turn it mama turn it." LOL
He is so stinking cute while the big shot was not being used he put his own paper in and cranked it and was so excited. 
I had to finally put him to bed so I could get some time alone with it. :)
So I just wanted to take a few minutes and check in and I will post some of my projects soon
as for now my
"Big Shot" and I need a little alone time.
Happy Stamping,
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