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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe it has been two weeks tomorrow since my last post...
Well I have found myself a bit uninspired lately and between potty-training and life in general, 
I took a little break. 
So I did keep busy, I was just being LAZY when it came to taking pics and writing. I really need to change that because, I really did start to "Miss my Blog Family". 
I did come up with this tri-fold card, I had to walk away from it because,I didn't like were it was going,but in the end,I think it came out okay. I used some paper scraps and an old SU! Simply Scrappin' Kit and was glad to put it to use.

So First things first when you have a 17,14 an almost 3 year old how can life NOT be BUSY.  
My 17 year old is enjoying her 1st summer off since elementary,she is playing bass for the musical "Hairspray" and getting ready for college in August. 
My 14 year old is still in summer school and just finished a summer basketball league
he starts band camp in August. 
My Baby Boy will be three on the 29th and
We have been working really hard to get him potty trained before that. 
He is really doing a Great Job. 
It is AMAZING what a little patience and a bag of peanut M&M's can do. 
I find it amazing that normally, I would not be doling out M&M's to my 2 yr. old.
But desperate times call for desperate measures and since he will be three soon, 
I was desperate. 
I took all his trains away and he got one back for every time he would pee on the potty and that went well but I couldn't get him to do his "business" on the potty. 
So when I promised CANDY (1 peanut M&M) It worked. 
Am I ASHAMED that I had to bribe my child? 
At this point I was going to do whatever it took to get him OUT of DIAPERS and
YES we are FREE, FREE at LAST!
So that's where I have been and now I am back at my laptop sharing a bit of me and hoping in the end it inspires someone out there to create something beautiful. 
So this is what my work area looks like because, I am in desperate need of using up my paper supply and scraps.
Wow do I need to get to work...
I may have to rethink that hoarder thing... LOL
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